May Homebrew Club Meeting 2024

May 17th, 2024, at 7:00 PM, we held our monthly members meeting at Home State Brewing Co.

We Started by congratulating our club member medalists from the 2024 Hurricane Blowoff. Six members won medals, putting the club in third place for heavy medal clubs out of 17 homebrew club representatives.

We listed our upcoming events and competitions, including the dates for all the judging sessions for our competition, Hot N’ Humid 2024.

Our new website design was both launched and presented to the club.

The new monthly video recap of the meeting, “Brewers Anonymous Monthly,” was announced; this recurring series can be seen on our YouTube Channel at

A new program was announced for the club – the BJCP Training Program. This program is designed to help anyone pursuing BJCP Certification pass the Online Entrance Exam and Judging Exam. This program will officially begin after our Hot N’ Humid competition. The introduction video to the program can be seen here:

Along with the BJCP Training Program, we posted a short series addressing the roles and processes for judging sessions at Hot N’ Humid. If you’d like to learn more about the judging session at Hot N’ Humid, please visit our YouTube channel at:

We concluded with an update on our club’s Brewer of the Year standings.

Thank you everyone who atteneded this month’s meeting. We look forward to seeing you all at Home State next month and at the Hot N’ Humid Judging Sessions.


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