Online Books:

John Palmer’s How to Brew – Probably the very first thing that any new home brewer should read.  Also a great book to re read as an experienced brewer.  Some consider this the bible of brewing.

Brewers Publications – A fantastic resource for any and all books brewing related.


BeerSmith Podcasts Archive – A great podcast created by the folks at BeerSmith.

Experimental Brewing – BrewCribs has teamed up with Drew Beecham and Denny Conn to make this Podcast Series.

Basic Brewing – Basic Brewing is the home of Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video, the podcasts that help both beginning and advanced brewers improve their homebrew.

Strange Brews – WBEZ’s podcast covering craft beer and related culture. Hosted by Andrew Gill and Alison Cuddy, episodes include interesting guests including brewers, artists and craft beer lovers.

The Brewing Network Shows:

The Session – The original Brewing Network’s Sunday show that brought live beer radio to the internet.

The Sour Hour – The “Sour Hour” is an in-depth look into the process of making wild ales (sour beers).

Dr. Homebrew – Each month JP. Lee, and Brian bring you two shows completely unique to home brewing.  Two master BJCP judges break down styles of beers sent in by homebrewers around the world and provide specific and detailed tips and tricks on how those brewers can improve.

Brew Strong – Brew Strong with Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer combines the two most prominent authors and figures in home brewing today in a live beer radio format that allows listeners to pose beginning and advanced brewing questions to expert hosts and guests from the Craft Beer industry.

Brewing with Style – Each week award winning homebrewer and author Jamil Zainasheff along with co-host Mike “Tasty” McDole cover a specific beer style and how to brew it at home.

Can You Brew It? – Can You Brew It is dedicated to homebrew cloning your favorite commercial beers.  In each episode, award winning brewers Jamil Zainasheff and Mike “Tasty” McDole are challenged to brew a listeners favorite commercial beer at home.

The Jamil Show – In each episode award winning brewer and beer writer Jamil Zainasheff discusses brewing a specific style of beer.  Included are award winning recipes, tips for home brewing, tasting notes and live question and answer with the listeners.

The Home Brewed Chef – The Brewing Network is proud to present the show for craft beer lovers and foodie’s alike!