January Homebrew Club Meeting 2024

The January 2024 Brewers Anonymous Homebrew Club Meeting was held on Friday, January 19th., 2024, at 7:00 PM at Deadwords Brewing.

The 2024 Board Election results were announced. Congratulations to the 2024 Board:

President: Mike Thompson
Vice President: Matt Hunsworth
Secretary: Ken McChord
Treasurer: Trevor Golden
Archivist: Max Furth

Thank you to the 2023 board for a phenomenal year—special thanks to Chris Tracy-Rigoni for his years and dedication as club President. Chris has done a great job leading the club and driving us towards one of the best years ever, including a history-making competition season!

The 2023 Florida Homebrew Competition season was recapped. Highlights included 6 competition wins, 10 Best of Show awards, this first recorded Best of Show sweep in any Florida Competition, and Brewers Anonymous being named “The Florida Homebrew Club of the Year”!

The Goals for 2024 were announced and discussed:
1 – Grow the Club
2 – More Education
3 – More Collabs
4 – More Festivals
5 – Attend More Award Ceremonies
6- Try Brewing New Styles

The following upcoming events were discussed:
Science on Tap Beer Festival
February Brewery Exploration – Hyderhead Brewing
Cocoa Village Brewer’s Bash
Iron Homebrewer Challenge
Pints ‘N Paws Craft Beer Festival

All current announcements for the 2024 Florida Homebrew Competition circuit were shared.

The Austin P Harris Brewer of the Year award for 2024 was announced:

Congratulations to Matt Hunsworth, the Brewers Anonymous “Austin P Harris Brewer of the Year” award recipient!

An adjustment to the Brewer of the Year Point Structure was announced. Higher points are now awarded to National Homebrew Competition (NHC) wins in regional and final rounds.

Thank you, everyone, for attending, and we will see you again on February 19th!

Slides from the meeting presentation are available below:

Science on Tap 2024 – A brisk start to our Festival Season

February Homebrew Club Meeting 2024