2024 Inner Club Competition Calendar

February – Brown British Beer (BJCP 13)

April – Non-Traditional Pilsners
(Italian, New Zealand, and West Coast Pilsners)

June – IPA Throwdown
(ALL types of IPAs)

August – Malty European Lagers
(4A – Munich Helles, 4B – Festbier, 4C – Helles Bock, 6A – Marzen, 6B – Rauchbier, 6C – Dunkles Bock, 7A – Vienna Lager)

October – Monastic
(Belgian Single, Double, Tripel, Quad/Dark Strong Ale)

December – Wood Aged Beers
(Any style aged on Wood)

Brewers Anonymous loves to challenge our members to push their comfort zones and brew styles that they would not normally brew.  To make this happen, we have bi-monthly Inner Club Homebrew Competitions.  Prior to the beginning of the year, we create a calendar of the years Inner Club Competitions.  This provides the members time to plan their brewing calendar and see what competitions they might want to participate in. We typically end the year with something big like a Barley Wine, Mead, or an Imperial Stout.

Participants earn club points towards the club’s “Brewer of the Year” award for both entering, and winning.  These points can be seen here on our Brewer of the Year Standings page.  The winner of Brewer of the Year will win a cool prize and bragging rights.

Back to the Inner Club Homebrew Competitions.  Inner club homebrew competitions are judged using a simplified judging sheet as to expedite the judging process.  This allows the judges to focus on providing feedback to the brewer and any possible tips on ways to improve the beer.

All entrants must enter their entry on the official Club Comps website and bring the beers to the meeting, or drop them off at the meeting location prior to the meeting.  Should you drop your entries off at the meeting location prior to the meeting please be sure to write your name on a piece of paper and attach it to the bottle.  All entries should be 1 (one) brown 12oz bottle with no raised lettering and a gold or silver cap.  Brewers are limited to only 2 (two) entries per competition as to keep it fair for all entrants.