2020 was a rocky year for competitions but with all of our inner club comps moving virtual and a few other state competitions working through the obstacles we came out with a Brewer of the year!

Congratulations to Eric Gomez, the 2020 Brewer of the year!

Eric Gomez36
Graciany Miranda32
Ross Williams30
Chris Soborowicz27
Elliot Meyer21
Gary Franczyk20
Austin Harris19
Max Furth18
Chris Garcia13
David Moss10
Todd Guillian10
Alex Domka9
Jameson Beaver9
Clint Shannon9
Kedur Perez9
John Sather8
Joshua Stefano8
Rubens Paiva6
Edgardo Velez5
Carol Wollard4
Brett Bridgeman4
Mark Severe4
Shaun Rechsteiner3
Edward Allen3
Leanna Charles3
Paul Boerger2
Joshua Kritzer1
Ivan Potier1
Kyle Walker1
Luis Molina III1
Devin Ruple1