Homebrewing is a ton of fun, but can be even more fun when you start winning medals for your great brews.  Competitors must take certain steps to make sure that they are entering their brews into the right category.  This can make Competition Brewing all that much more challenging. Below are some links to helpful things from the Beer Judge Certification Program, better known as the BJCP.  The BJCP is the organization that oversees brewing competitions. They write the regulations that a competition must follow in order to be a BJCP Certified Competition.

The Style Guidelines below are a wonderful place to start your competition brewing journey.  It is important to understand the style to you brewing down to the bone.  Without this understanding, you might be entering your beer into the wrong category which can result in a poor score, for a great beer.

Take some time to review the different style guidelines, and also check out the link to ReggieBeer at the bottom to see what competitions are happening around the globe.

Beer Judge Certification Program:

BJCP Guides BJCP.org

2021 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines

2015 BJCP Beer Style Guidelines

2015 BJCP Mead Style Guidelines

2015 BJCP Cider Guidelines

2008 BJCP Guidelines by Category


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