Brewers Anonymous 2023 Competition Season with ends BIG!

Brewers Anonymous had set the bar early in the Florida Homebrew Competition with a massive win in the 2023 Coconut Cup. After leading the entire season, the final competition took place on November 18th, 2023, and Brewers Anonymous closed the season with a huge win and one for the record books!

The final competition and awards ceremony for the 2023 season was the Best Florida Beer: Homebrew Competition in Tampa, Florida. Brewers Anonymous set the tone for the night early once again, having won the first medal announced at the awards ceremony and the first gold medal in a category, and things just got better from there.

In the end, the club won 10 Gold Medals, 10 Silver Medals, and 11 Bronze Medals and closed the show with the first-ever recorded sweep of the best-of-show awards in a Florida competition, winning all three meals.

Brewers Anonymous was awarded 62 points for Best Florida Beer, giving them a total of 434 points for the season, making them the winner of the State Cup for 2023.

We want to thank EVERYONE who participated in this year’s competition season. Every beer entered makes a difference, and we could not have pulled off this huge win without everyone’s participation.

We also need to thank everyone who was part of putting on each competition this season – the organizers, judges, steward, volunteers, and everyone who helped pull off one of the most exciting seasons so far.

We’re looking forward to 2024 and wish the best of luck to all homebrewers from all over the state as we continue to show the community what fantastic beer we brew in Florida!


November Homebrew Club Meeting 2023

December Homebrew Club Meeting 2023