Christmas Gift Ideas for the Happy Home Brewer

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Below is a carefully curated list of some great Christmas gift ideas for the Home Brewer in your life.  This list has been put together by Treasurer and contributor Jameson Beaver for the 2018 Christmas Holiday Season.

For the Maltster

Motorized Malt Muncher Pro


Hopper holds up to 25lb of grain and makes quick work of it. With this you can ensure the best crush and freshest grain. 

Viking Malt


What better way to make great craft beer than to start with great craft grains. Viking Malt makes high quality malt touting there passion for beer and the way it always tells a story. For example Viking Malt produces the Viking Cookie malt, with a pilsner base it expresses pleasant roasted cereal flavors with hints of biscuit. 

For the Yeast Banker

$7.99 – $15.99

With craft brewing and homebrewer steadily growing each year the world has more and more yeast labs providing new and unique strains the up your brewing game.

South yeast Labs

Concentrating on tamed wild yeast strains SouthYeast offers some of the more interesting yeast strains on the market. One of my favorites is HS2. Produces notes of red wine, cracked peppercorn and a classic Belgian ester profile.

Bootleg Biology

This will will provide the weird, the sour, the funky. Specializing in blends of Brettanomyces and lactic producing bacteria they also provide clean strains such ass the NEEPAH Blend. The NEEPA blend combines fruit forward producing yeast to pack a punch designed for NE IPA.

For the Water Engineer

Hannah Instruments Dissolved oxygen meter.


Made popular in school laboratories this meter will up any brewers game to ensure they are providing the proper oxygen for healthy yeast.

LaMotte- Brewlab water test


No longer will you have to endure the stress of your tap water being right for brewing. The brewing can find out key factors straight from their tap to ensure the water is perfect for the style of beverage they intend to make. Who knows maybe this will help you save some money on 1-gallon jugs of Publix water.

For The Chill Brewer

Shirron Plate Chiller


As home brewers in Florida we constantly struggle with temperature. Cooling wort is no exception. I have great experience with the Shirron plate bringing chilling time down to a fraction of the time. When utilized with a pre-chiller I can reach pitching temperatures in 15 – 20 minutes. No more missing important events in your life waiting to pitch your yeast.

Craft-a-brew The Stasis


This is the most affordable Glycol chiller available on the market. A professional glycol chiller scaled down for the home brewers it has been tested to maintain up to a 10 gallon or two 5-gallon batches.

For the All-in-One Brewer



With a 4.4 gallon capacity the Gig-Wort is a financial conscious decision for small or partial batches. It might be cool outside now but the brewer in your life will be thankful next Florida summer that they are enjoying the comfort of their home while still making great beer.  Check out our review of the Gigawort!

Unibrau All in one electric brew system


A true all-in-one system that provides a grain basket for up to 20 lb., a counterflow wort chiller and power options to accommodate any brewing environment. With its 4ooo watt option you can boil in ten minutes greatly reducing the time it takes to knock out an award-winning brew.

For the Expansionist 

Blichmann Riptide Pump


Owning one of these myself I can tout the greatness of the riptide. Although a pump half the cost will move wort around the riptide includes all the accessories you will have to buy and build onto your standard chugger pump. With flow control and purge included its hard to beat. My favorite feature of this pump is how quiet it is. I can run this at full speed at 4 in the morning and not wake a soul in the house up.

Brew Hardware Camlock quick disconnects

$4.00 – $7.50

Camlock disconnects for kettles and hoses are a simple and inexpensive way to really improve the quality time you spend with your brewing system. Although you will need a Camlock for each port or hose end, once they are on there you will wonder while you were messing with barbs this whole time. I suggest the Cam Big C female connects. The slightly larger Diameter allows for a tight fit and the comfort of safety with moving around boiling wort.

For The Smart Brewer

Orlando Homebrew Gift Card and Advice

$5.00 – $1,000,000

As we all know Orlando Homebrew Supplies has made us a better brewer on more occasions then one. What better way to the support the brewer you love then to support the homebrew store your brewer loves. With an Orlando Homebrew Supplies Gift card they will not only receive access to the best gear any brewer could want but the friendship and advice that comes with the staff. Warning* If you do buy a $1,000,000 dollar gift card Jeremy might quite and close down the shop. So buy responsibly.

Orlando Homebrew Supplies is also running Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Deals and promos.  So be sure to stay tuned to their Social Media, or just come on in for more details.


For the Graciany in all of us

Barrel filled with Galaxy Hops


Although I couldn’t actually find this on the market Galaxy hops have become quite hard to find with their recent growth to fame. Finding a barrel of them would ensure you are the favorite among the brewer in your life. Plus when all the Galaxy hops are gone the barrel could be filled with a nice barleywine. 

Author: Jameson Beaver