Brewer Sign Up

Interested brewers should sign up using the form below.  We do ask that if you sign you, that you commit to attending as we will have only 20 total spaces.

If we get a total of 20 brewers each brewer will receive 6.5 gallons of wort to brew with.  This should yield 5 gallons roughly of finished wort for you to ferment.  The wort will be free, but the additional grains, adjuncts, hops and yeast you will have to purchase from Orlando Homebrew Supplies On-Site store.  A complete list of ingredients will be available prior to the event so you can start to plan your beer.

Each brewer will be required to bring your own equipment and we recommend a tent.  We will have ice and water on-site for you to use to chill your wort. We will stagger wort distribution in an effort to lessen the impact on chilling water so that we don’t have a mad dash for chilling water.  That and we would also like to have some brewing going constantly through the day.  With that said we ask that you plan on spending the afternoon there.

We also ask that people limit the home brew that you do bring to the event.  No kegs please.  If you would like to bring a few bottles to share, that is fine.  But please support the brewery as they are doing us a huge solid by hosting the event.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.  After you sign up please keep an eye on your inbox in the following weeks for more information including the base wort recipe and the ingredients list from Orlando Homebrew Supplies.