Hot ‘N Humid Brew-Off 2019


Welcome to the First Annual Hot ‘N Humid Brew-Off!

Brewers Anonymous has teamed up with Orlando Homebrew Supplies and RockPit Brewing to bring you this fun and exciting competition. This competition will focus on 3 main style categories, and one special category.

Best of Show Winner, and 1st place for the Anomalous Category get to brew their beer with RockPit and have it served in the Taproom!

Important Dates:

Competition Date: August 17th 2019
Judging: August 10th and August 17th (if needed)
Entry Window: June 1st – August 4th
Entry Delivery Window: July 21st – August 4th

Location of Events and Drop Off / Delivery

Orlando Homebrew Supplies / RockPit Brewing
10 W. Illiana St.
Orlando, FL 32806



The included categories are:

12C – English IPA
21A – American IPA
21B – Specialty IPA
22A – Double IPA

15B – Irish Stout
15C – Irish Extra Stout
16A – Sweet Stout
16B – Oatmeal Stout
16C – Tropical Stout
16D – Foreign Extra Stout
20B – American Stout
20C – Imperial Stout

1A – American Light Lager
1B – American Lager
2A – International Light Lager
2B – International Amber Lager
2C – International Dark Lager
3A – Czech Pale Lager
3B – Czech Premium Pale Lager
3C – Czech Amber Lager
3D – Czech Dark Lager
4A – Munich Helles
4B – Festbier
4C – Helles Bock
5A – German Leichtbier
5B – Kolsch
5C – German Helles Exportbier
5D – German Pilsner
6A – Marzen
6B – Rauchbier
6C – Dunkles Bock
7A – Vienna Lager
7B – Altbier
7C – Kellerbier
8A – Munich Dunkel
8B – Schwarzbier

Anomalous Category:

1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.

This category is going to be a special side competition. Choose your favorite BJCP beer style and go crazy with it! The beer style does not need to be one of the styles for this competition. But please, no wild fermented beers. Kettle Sours are acceptable however. And keep it to beer. No meads or ciders.

Add some fun adjuncts, or try a different brewing method. It’s honestly up to you. The winners will be determined by a “beauty contest” type of judging. We will be looking for a really well executed base style that has a unique twist!

Entrants will be required to enter the base style beer in Reggie beer, and list any modifications that they made so that we know what we are tasting.

The winner of this category does not get to compete in Best of Show, but you do get a very cool award!

Important Entry Details

All Hot ‘N Humid Brew-Off entries must be homebrewed beer. “Homebrewed” means that entrants cannot use professional equipment or other means provided by professional brewers or breweries.

The fee is $8 per entry and the fee is non-refundable unless in extreme circumstances and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Payment must be made once entries are submitted in ReggieBeer.

Entry Limit: Entry limit is set to 75 entires.

Entry Window: The Entry window will run from June 1st until August 4th, or once the limit of 75 entries has been reached. Limit of three (3) entries per brewer for the first week. After the first week of entries being open, we will open to unlimited entries for all brewers. You can edit your entry as late as August 4th.

Shipping and Drop Off Window: The shipping and drop off window will be July 21st through August 4th. All entries must be shipped or dropped off to the following address:

Orlando Homebrew Supplies
Attn: Brewers Anonymous
10 W. Illiana St.
Orlando, FL

Bottle Size and Appearance:
Three (3) 12oz brown bottles are required per entry.

All bottles must be free of labels and raised glass, such as a brewery name, or any distinguishable markings. The entries must have a Gold, Silver or Black cap. Please, no brightly colored or decorated caps. If the cap has any kind of markings on it, please use a black permanent marker to completely cover the cap.

Grolsch/Flip Tops/22 oz. bombers are not acceptable.

Entry labels must be attached to the neck of each bottle using a rubber band.

Entries not conforming to the above requirements may be disqualified. Disqualified entries may be judged but will not be eligible to advance to Second Round or Best of Show.

Judging will take place on August 10th, and August 17th will be reserved for any judging that needs to be completed for the competition.

Judging will be administered by BJCP Judges, Cicerones, and Industry Professionals. All judging pairs will have at least one BJCP Judge.

Scoresheets will be available shortly after the competition has been completed, and will be provided to you via the ReggieBeer website.

Winners will be announced and medals awarded at the event on Saturday August 17th.

Top three (3) of each of the three Styles will receive a medal for their win.  The gold medal winning beer from each Style will then move on to Best of Show.  

The Anomalous Category will also have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. The winners will be awarded a medal for their win as well, but this category does not advance onto Best of Show.

First Place Best of Show will get to brew their winning beer at RockPit Brewing on their system and have it served in the Taproom.

Thanks to our Sponsors!