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April Meeting Notes

Second Virtual Meeting but this time with Zoom. Club comps still going strong with some delicious Hefeweizens. Clint led a brew School session about NEIPAs.

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March Meeting Notes

March was our first virtual meeting using Facebook Live! The are uncertain times but the club is going strong and adapting to the ongoing situation.

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February Meeting Notes

This is our first meeting with our new president and things are getting started very well. 14 entries into the IPA club Comp starts the…

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Sign up for Fantasy Brew-Off

Do you like to participate in competitions? Do you like the thrill of drafting a perfect fantasy sports team? Do you like to brew new…

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Introducing Irish Red Ales

Hello fellow beer lovers. This is the next installment of “This Beer for you?” by Brewers Anonymous. The idea is to explore different beers from…

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