National Homebrew Competition

The time of year is here!  The National Homebrew Competition is already in full swing.  If you did not register yet, the time to do so has passed.  If you did get registered and accepted into the competition then congrats!  The regional competition for NHC is held in Tampa, and we will have a beer train going to Tampa.  We will also be dropping off entries for the IPA Smackdown as they are so close to one another.

For those of you who have not entered NHC before, here is a little run down of what to expect.  NHC is broken into two competitions.  You have your regional competition which is held in Tampa.  This is like any other competition where Ribbons are given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place results in all categories.  

Should you receive a ribbon, you are then automatically entered into the National Level competition which takes place at HomebrewCon which this year is in Rhode Island.  You will have adequate time to re-brew your beer if its nothing that requires a long fermentation time such as an Imperial Stout, or Lager.  So that gives you a second shot at mastering that beer more, or you can just keep a few bottles in your fridge for the second round if it is something that ages well.

As a reminder.  If you took first place in one of our clubs Inner Club competitions in 2018 then please let one of us know and we will reimburse you for your entry fee for one entry.  Also should you make it to the second round with one of your entires we will pay to ship it to RI for the second round.

Best of luck everyone!

Author: Steve

Steve is the Co-Founder and President of Brewers Anonymous. He has been brewing since 2013, and has been involved in a number of Homebrew classes, clubs and events. Both he and his Wife have won multiple awards for their brewing entries in local and national level competitions.