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April Club Meeting 2021

This month is our Amber and Brown Competition and you all did not disappoint! There were 14 entries dropped off and judged by our wonderful…

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March Club Meeting 2021

This March was the first meeting in a while where we still had some daylight outside so that we could see our delicious homebrews! Thank…

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February Club Meeting 2021

This February we had our first club competition, Kveik Brewed Beers! We have 15 entries that kept our 3 judges very busy with everything from…

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January 2021 Meeting Announcement
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January Club Meeting 2021

First meeting of 2021 was a success. Kicked off the meeting welcoming some new members and planning for upcoming competitions. Three of the Florida Circuit…

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Competition Beers
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Introducing the 2021 Inner Club Competition Calendar!

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2020 December Club Meeting

2020 is coming to a close and we wanted to close out the year with a bang! 2021 Executive Board has been selected:President – Chris…

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Brewers Anonymous 2020 Brew Book

This year many of us have been stuck at home more than ever but that didn’t stop us from brewing. We always like to share…

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November Club Meeting

Nominations are in for the 2021 Board and now were preparing for the December club competition of Belgian Quads! We also have some new Tasting…

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October Meeting Notes

Thanks to all that came out to Something’s Brewing for our meeting. Looking forward to seeing you again soon and trying all of your homebrew.

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September Meeting Notes

Huge thank you to everyone that helped to make Hot N Humid 2020 Brew-Off a success. Congrats to the winners of the 1st ever Fantasy…

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